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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ashley Atkinson and I am the Compliance Director for SPVB. My job and #1 priority is to promote a successful experience for everyone, players, parents, and coaches. As we all get ready for our upcoming tournament at the end of this month, please take time to review our compliance protocol. Your individual coach should have emailed you information regarding protocol, as well as your daughter discussing it with you at home. Some items of significant importance for our tournaments include:



•  Once players report to their coach for tournament play, they must remain with their team and under the instruction of their coach for the duration of their wave. Please ensure your daughter has everything she needs for the day. Players should not be in direct contact with family and friends during tournament play. This aids in keeping the girls focused and promotes team cohesiveness. Likewise, players may have their cell phones on their person but they may only be used after dismissal by coach or in an emergency situation with coach's approval.


• Players are required to stay for their entire wave on day 1 of tournament play and for 1 entire game after their last match on the final day of play. Players may only be dismissed by their coach.


• For any issues, concerns, or questions, players must first speak with their coach. If unresolved, parents may schedule a meeting with their coach only after a 24 hour wait period post tournament. Should further action be required or parents feel the issue is still unresolved, parents should email or call me. This chain of direction is imperative and critical to smooth and comprehensive resolution of issues.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Best wishes for a successful year and safe travels to our many destinations.



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